The Past with a Modern Spin

Founding Fathers Collective came to life from the inspiration of a small barbershop on Gurley St in Prescott, Arizona. Playing off the history of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the building comes together with the necessities of the modern man; hair, coffee, a nice cold one, fitness and style. This beautifully designed warehouse takes nodes of aesthetics from the time with the modern class of today. Our branding for this concept was designed to live happily in the middle of modern but classic.

Six Brands, One Roof

Founding Fathers Collective is a 14,000 square foot warehouse in Prescott’s downtown Entertainment District. The public market will house several different companies a barbershop, self serve tap room, speak easy, coffee shop, mens retail, fitness gym, and Jiu-jitsu studio.

Founding Fathers Collective
Release Date:
October 2020

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