Building a Brand

Creating a brand is project of passion and a study in tenacity and commitment. With nothing more than a name and simple product concept, fleshing out the creative aspects – from the logo and visual assets, to the preferred nomenclature and copy – the process can be extensive and labor intensive. But thorough branding delivers a complete concept and professionalism that sets your business apart from the run of the mill.

reGREEN your body was a tagline I came up with to connect the benefits that Açai offers your body and the initiatives we take to be green, as a fast causal establishment that has to-go products.

It covers our practices and out product all in one phrase.


The most important thing about a menu is readability. Second to that, for this brand, is crave-ability. Berry Divine has a bit of a spin on your normal ice cream or yogurt shop, they are dairy free Acai with MANY recipe options. With nine different bowls to choose from, two different bases and multiple pricing tiers, there is a lot to communicate. The challenge is to communicate all of that clearly in the most understandable way possible.


Social Media + Photography

Managing a social media account is more than pretty pictures. It about carrying the voice, creating captivating content, and engaging your followers.

Building a Brand from an Idea

A brand is not just a logo, but the values a company carries throughout; Cleanliness, Consistency and quality Customer Service. The brand is all pieces of the business and unifying them as a whole.

Berry Divine
Release Date:
August 2019

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