Why do I need a brand ?

A distinct brand - visual, transferable - is the distinctive messaging that denotes your business or organizations presence and resonance.

Just like an individual, a brand has a reputation. The management and protection of that brand is daily task - we can help on all levels.

Marketing is always an intensive task. Having help makes that task more conquerable. Don't hesitate, just ask!

Strong branding and identity demonstrate legitimacy. It resonates with consumers, contributors, partners, or anyone you want to be associated with.

What services does Naked Eye Design Offer?

Business Branding & Logo Design, Graphic Design for Digital Design & Knowledge, Web Design, Large Format Print, Small Format Print, Marketing Campaigns Assets, Print & Publication Design, Industry Specific Design Needs

Do you have any interest in collaborating?

Businesses come together for all sorts of reasons, but the most important reason is for a need. I am always looking to collaborate with others for all different types of things. Reach out to me and share your ideas. Let’s make this happen!

What makes you stand out beyond the rest?

Our team is resourceful. We will always measure up to our standards. Our passion should be seen and felt in every deliverable. Our contribution as a client partner should entail that kind of reciprocated commitment. We hope to achieve that status of being irreplaceable on each and every project. If you need that kind of commitment to your project, we are here and ready to work with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and start creating a strategy today!

What's the education behind Naked Eye Design?

Jessica has a BA in Design Management, meaning her knowledge extends from design to business marketing. Henry brings a masters to the table from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Together, these two can help your business exceed from many aspects.