Design is all around you.

Consider the visuals you see in your everyday life; products, ads, brands, interiors. They have all been designed by someone. Methodically thought out with meaning and purpose.

Business Branding

Branding is the identity that drives your business. It's more than visual - but customers will recognize your brand in all its forms.

Digital Assets

Digital design requires a unique approach, a specified skill set, with an awareness of the requirements for digital implementation.

Web Design

Web design is two parts strategic planning & execution, and one part creative inspiration. Having an eye for great design is a must, have a plan is everything!

Large Format

Past experience includes a lot of vehicle and wall wrap projects, with clients ranging from SMBs to the NFL!


We can do graphics for any event. End-to-end, we can supply the visual assets to complete your pivotal day!

Print Services

This is an add on service. You want it, we can get it printed. Trucks, cups, pens and business cards - you name it!

Selected Works

Creativity requires refined thought.
Pixel to print – small to large – creativity breathes in those spaces.

From Our Portfolio
if something can be seen with the naked eye, it can be seen without the use of an instrument
Built on Passion

The Continuous Journey

Founded in 2010, Naked Eye Design was a response to persistent requests for design consultations, project development, and brand building – with the belief that beautiful design makes a lasting impression.

Fully Responsive

We have knowledge of business from Startup to Corporate. Whatever the design request - we'll find a way to achieve your design need, making it a reality. We'll tackle any challenge and our talents are scalable. We have resources to get projects done - meeting our elite standards and on time.

Smooth Interactions

We handle ourselves professionally. Our design experience is ranging and our knowledge is derived from several key professional positions. Those positions allowed us to learn and expand beyond design and apply business and marketing experience to the resume.

Why Choose Us

We are personable. Get the passion, enthusiasm, and attention your business, project, and team deserves. Being local and experienced, I also bring care and attentiveness. You will have complete buy-in from myself and those who work with me during the process.

Passion / Care / Attention

We have experience. With over a decade of graphic design experience and a wide array of industries [corporate, agency and freelance] we have a thorough knowledge. Our experience extends into the fundamental understanding that the design must serve a business purpose. Eye catching and conversion focused.

Large to Small Format / Pixels to Print

We are global. In the digital age, we can connect and work together from anywhere. No matter where you are, we will find ways to cater to your needs. Our design experience at a global scale, delivered on that local feel level.

Reach your customer at their most convenient point
The Skinny

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Let's connect to discuss your project. We find ways to fit the budget and make adjustments to our offering that suit your needs. We offer flat rates, per project costs and hourly rates.

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We'd love to hear from you. Clients are essential to forward momentum and progress. Never forgetting that, we want the client to feel the same.

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